CICA Claims: Everything You Need to Know


What are CICA claims?

CICA stands for Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority; CICA claims are designed to help survivors of violent crimes receive compensation for their pain and suffering. People whose loved ones have died as a result of a violent crime can also make a CICA claim. 

To make a CICA claim, you must meet specific criteria. For example, the crime must have occurred in either England, Scotland or Wales. There are also strict time limits that apply for making a CICA claim.  

Do I have to report my case to the police? 

In order to make a CICA claim, you must have reported your case to the police. It is not necessary for the criminal who caused your injuries to be convicted; however, there needs to be enough evidence to suggest you were involved in a violent crime. 

That being said, the CICA recognise that all cases are different, and there may have been a reason why you were unable to report the crime to the police. If you believe you could be eligible for a CICA claim, it is always worth speaking to an experienced solicitor for advice. 

What is the time limit for making a CICA claim? 

The time limit for making a claim is two years. You should submit your CICA application within two years of the date of the incident. However, there are some cases where the CICA will extend the time limit for making a claim, for example, if a mental or physical illness prevented you from putting forward a claim. 

What can I claim?

When you apply for a CICA claim, you can claim for mental and/or physical injuries sustained as a result of a violent crime. In some cases, you may also be eligible to claim for loss of earnings if the crime prevented you from working. It is important to note that less significant injuries, such as bruising or lacerations, do not qualify for a compensation award. 

CICA claims: instructing a solicitor 

Every violent crime case is unique, and eligibility determinations can be complex and overwhelming. If you have a question about eligibility or the CICA claims process, our team of experienced solicitors can provide personalised guidance based on the specific details of your situation. Call us on 0151 242 5111 for a free, confidential chat. 

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