Paedophile School Teacher Rebecca Joynes Found Guilty


Who is Rebbeca Joynes? 

Former maths teacher Rebecca Joynes has been found guilty of six counts of sexual activity involving two teenage schoolboys. Paedophile Rebecca Joynes, who had just come out of a nine-year relationship, was said to be ‘flattered’ by the attention she received from the two schoolboys. 

Joynes was on bail for sexual activity with the first child, boy A, when she began having sex with the second, boy B, who she went on to become pregnant by. 

Rebecca Joynes was initially suspended from the school in October 2021 after a report to Childline revealed that she had slept with a 15-year-old student. Rebecca Joynes arranged to pick the boy up and take him to the Trafford Centre while he was supposed to be in school; she bought the boy a £345 Gucci belt before taking him back to her apartment to have sex.

Rebecca Joynes was arrested in October 2021 but was released on bail under the condition that she would not contact anyone under 18. However, while the allegations about the first victim were being investigated, Joynes was in contact with the other boy on social media. She groomed him like she did her first victim, and fell pregnant. 

Rebecca Joynes was found guilty by a majority verdict at Manchester Crown Square Court in May 2024. The sexual predator school teacher will be sentenced at a later date when she will face the consequences of her actions. 

Make A Claim for School Teacher Sexual Abuse 

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