There are many people who have suffered abuse. Physical abuse, mental abuse and sexual abuse are amongst the most devastating and can cause serious and long-lasting damage to all aspects of a person’s life.

If you or someone you know have experienced any form of abuse, CICA-UK can help you with many different types of abuse claims so you can seek justice.

Child Abuse

We act for children who have suffered abuse and adults who were abused in childhood. Our dedicated team of expert solicitors have over 10 years of experience in dealing with child abuse compensation claims.

Our expert solicitors are able to advise you of your options for bringing different kinds of abuse claims either through the CICA or against any person or organisation that was responsible for your care.

Sexual Abuse

We help victims of sexual abuse in the UK get the compensation they deserve for the terrible experience they’ve been put through. Our professional team of solicitors understand the trauma victims have been through and work tirelessly to get the justice they deserve.

We can advise you on how to make an abuse compensation claim with CICA and guide you through it from the very start, making sure you don’t suffer any more.

Abuse Compensation

We understand that no amount of money can ever truly compensate for abuse suffered either as a child or as an adult but we also understand that dealing with the effects of abuse can be expensive. Financial compensation for abuse after making a claim can go some way to helping towards the costs of medical care, therapy, loss of earnings and other forms of loss.

Start your abuse claim now by filling in the form at the top of this page and one of our solicitors will call you as soon as possible.

High Profile Incidents

There has recently been a lot of high profile attention in the media about allegations of abuse against Jimmy Saville; have you been affected by this? Has it brought back memories of abuse? CICA-UK can help you seek justice via the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

Saville has been accused of incidents occurring over the last six decades from the time he volunteered at the high-security psychiatric hospital at Broadmoor through his time working for the BBC. Scotland Yard has revealed that there are 340 separate lines of inquiry and there are believed to be 40 potential victims. Concerns have been raised about Saville at 3 separate NHS hospitals, 2 child care homes and the BBC.

Esther Rantzen has been quoted as saying “People are now asking me why Sir Jimmy Saville’s victims were not able to ask for help. The thing about sexual abuse is that people suffering it feel defiled – they take on the shame and the guilt. Someone described it to me as an attack on the child’s soul –  it’s not just the physical assault, it’s the emotional, the intellectual, the spiritual assault that it represents.”.

She added that it seemed there was an unwillingness in the press to consider releasing stories relating to child abuse due to the horrific nature of the information.

Abuse can happen anywhere at any time. When it comes to abuse claims, CICA-UK can help fight for justice.  Call us today on 0151 242 5111 if you would like to make a claim for compensation for abuse you have suffered.

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