The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a scheme which sees those who are eligible to receive an award following a criminal injury given compensation for their ordeal. Victims can claim compensation for violent crimes, rape, psychological injury and other injuries.

In action since 1964, CICA acts on behalf of the UK government in order to help victims of crime in the United Kingdom. Over the years, CICA has expanded. In 2012, the scheme was adapted in order to compensate those abroad who have suffered at the hands of terrorism. Since its creation, CICA has paid out over £3bn.

How CICA UK can help you make a claim

As CICA can be hard to understand and adhere to, companies such as ourselves ensure that you are heard, that you submit your claim on time, and that your application is filled out to the correct specifications.

All you will need when contacting us is a few details about the crime you have been involved in. If you would rather speak to us at our offices, this can also be arranged by calling us on 0151 242 5111. We offer a friendly and confidential environment, ensuring that stress can be taken out of the equation.

Once we have discussed your claim, we will be able to tell you how much you could be entitled to, and start the process of filling out a formal application in order to present your case. Once the process has started, we will then start to gather evidence and negotiate with CICA on your behalf.

Here at CICA UK, we understand how difficult it can be to overcome an ordeal and move forward with your life. When you make a claim from CICA via us you will be able to move on without having to relive any violence or injury when presenting your case. With us, the process is smooth and simple, and you will know as soon as possible if you have gained any compensation from CICA.

CICA Eligibility

To be eligible to make a claim for compensation, you will have to be a resident of the United Kingdom or must have been a resident of the United Kingdom at the time of the incident. You must also have obtained a criminal injury. The definition of criminal injury when it comes to CICA can include mental harm as well as physical.

For example, just as broken bones and rape are seen as a direct result of criminal injury, so is depression, PTSD and anxiety. If you’re unsure of if you are eligible for compensation, call a member of our team who will be able to assist you further.

How much can I receive from CICA?

How much you can be awarded from CICA directly correlates to your injuries. The maximum you can receive, without any reductions, is £500,000. Depending on where your injury is, as well as how severe the injury is, will determine how much you receive. For the full list of compensation amounts in relation to injuries, see the official CIC Scheme.

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