If you need help with rape compensation please call 0151 242 5111 for free, confidential and no obligation advice.

If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault or rape then you have a right to claim compensation for what you have, and may still be going through. This can be done with our help, CICA UK, and the use of the CICA scheme. Rape is a horrendous experience to endure and it can have a life long physical and psychological effect on the victim – although compensation will never put things right or reverse what has happened, it can still come as invaluable financial help for treatment and counselling should you need it.

Making a claim for rape compensation can help you take back control and achieve closure.

What Is Rape?

Rape as a definition is a non-consensual sexual activity which involves penetration no matter how slight.

Rape is a crime regardless of circumstances, gender, age or profession.

Rape is one of the most damning crimes that can be committed, and the punishment for rape can be severe. If any persons involved in sexual activity of any kind does not give consent it is rape.

Getting compensation for rape

In the United Kingdom, we are lucky enough to have a scheme such as criminal injuries compensation authority (CICA), that can help victims of crime claim compensation even if the offender is not found. If you’ve been a victim of rape, you could claim compensation from CICA Scheme and we, CICA UK, can help you do that.

We completely understand that victims of rape may want to forget about the incident,  whether due to trauma, out of shame, embarrassment or perhaps even guilt. Tragically, some victims can wind up falsely blaming themselves. Making a claim for rape compensation can help you financially, but also provide the ability to achieve closure and regain control.

How can CICA UK help you?

CICA UK can help tremendously when it comes to such a harrowing experience. We make contact with the CICA on your behalf, and we will seek your involvement only when necessary – we understand that repeatedly revisiting the experience is not something anyone should have to do, so we make sure this is kept to a minimum.  We will also keep the length of time between application and receiving the money as short as possible.

We have decades of experience helping victims claim the compensation they deserve, and we’ve become quite good at it. If this information has been helpful and you or you know someone who has been a victim of rape, or if you need our help in any capacity then please get in touch for a no obligation, confidential consultation.

Additional Help For Rape Victims

We understand that at this stage claiming rape compensation may not be at the top of your list. Here are some resources and website if you need help following sexual assault or if you are wanting to help someone you know:

Rape Crisis – A charity set up to help victims of rape cope, talk to someone or to take action.

Victim Support – An independent charity for those who have been affected by crime in England and Wales.

Pandora’s Project – A support group for victims. More specific towards the LGBT community.