One of the CICA’s rules is that the application must be made within two years of the incident. This can either be two years from the date of the report to the police or two years from the date of the applicants 18th Birthday.

This time limit can be waived but only in exceptional circumstances. If you wish for your application to be considered more than two years after the date of the original incident, you will have to provide evidence which shows why the application could not have been made sooner.

You can also still claim sexual abuse compensation regardless of whether the accused was found guilty or not. So, if you’re concerned about time limits, there is no need to be. Coming to terms with abuse, especially when incurred as a child can take a long time. However, you will only need to be concerned about time limits after you have reported the crime to the police. Reporting the crime is the first step in understanding and processing the incident, and we can be there every step of the way if you need us to be.

If you are not sure whether or not you should make a claim, you can speak confidentially to any number of organisations dedicated to helping victims of child abuse such as Childline and The Samaritans. Alternatively, you can call us directly and discuss your situation in total confidence with a member of our qualified and dedicated team.

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