Have You Suffered From Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse? Here Is What To Do Next

What Constitutes Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse?

Catholic priest sexual abuse allegations span decades. From Ireland to Australia, the Catholic church has been accused of the abuse of children since the 1950s. Catholic priest sexual abusers prey upon the vulnerabilities of children who elevate priests and hold the church in high regard. Consequently, speaking out can be extremely difficult and confusing. 

Catholic priest sexual abuse is forcing, enticing or manipulating a child or young person to participate in sexual activities. Sexual abuse may involve physical contact, including penetration or non-penetrative acts such as masturbation, kissing, rubbing and touching outside of clothing. Children may not be forced into sexual activity with violence, but Catholic priests can abuse their power to manipulate children into performing sexual acts. 

Signs of Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse

The signs of clergy sexual abuse can vary, but the following list gives examples of common experiences of clergy abuse survivors. 

  • Pain, bleeding or other physical symptoms 
  • Shying away from the touch of others
  • Timidness 
  • A lack of interest in hobbies once enjoyed
  • Unusual knowledge of sex for their age
  • Bruising or bleeding around the vagina or anus

I Have Experienced Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse: What Next?

If you believe you experienced clergy abuse as a child or young person many years ago or if you recently experienced catholic priest sexual abuse as an adult, you may want to visit a professional mental health specialist to help you come to terms with the trauma suffered. 

Then, you may choose to instruct a solicitor to help guide you through the claim process. Given the nature of this type of abuse, every case is different. At CICA UK, we are a highly experienced team who are here to listen to your story without judgement. To receive information about the claim process, please call us on 0151 242 5111 for a confidential chat. 

Get In Touch 

At CICA UK, we offer No-Win-No-Fee funding. You won’t pay a penny for our services unless you’re successful; a small fee will be deducted from your compensation. 

To find out more, please call us on 0151 242 5111 or send an email to contact@tdpsolicitors.co.uk. We are here to help. 

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