The CICA scheme was established in order to help those who have been victims of a violent crime. The scheme also helps those who have suffered abuse and sexual abuse, including historic sexual abuse.

In order to be eligible to claim compensation from the CICA scheme, you must be a resident in the UK or have lived in the UK at the time you sustained the physical injury. Physical injury can be defined as both physical and mental harm. This means that just as broken bones gives you entitlement to claim, so do mental injuries, such as PTSD disorder and depression. You must also claim within two years of the incident. Exceptions can be made in cases of historic rape.

How much can I claim for Physical Injuries from CICA?

Without deductions, the maximum anyone can receive from the UK CICA scheme is £500,000. However, a lot of things are taken into consideration when you are reviewed for compensation by the authority. For example, your injuries, their severity, the crime involved and when it happened will all have an effect on your claim.

Use our CICA Calculator to find out how much compensation you’re eligible to receive in less than 30 seconds.

As well as physical injuries, you can also claim for any loss of earning, vehicle repairs, property damage, surgery and counselling should you need to. Feel free to talk to a member of our team to learn more. You can get in touch with us on 0151 242 5111 to discuss your eligibility further.

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