Although you can make a claim for sexual abuse compensation through the official CICA Scheme, you will more than likely run into difficulties and have to deal with complicated situations. Our team of experts works on your behalf in order to get the compensation you’re entitled to. This will ensure you do not have to go through the process alone, and that everything goes smoothly.

When it comes to making sexual abuse compensation claims against organisations, public bodies or institutions (such as a school, church, club or a private organization), your claim will still relate to civil law and your case will be up against the organization or person responsible directly. For example, if you have been abused as a child in a football club, your case will be placed either against the organization in question or against the person directly responsible for your abuse in that organization.

We are more than happy to talk you through the process, so feel free to call us on 0151 242 5111.

If you’re unsure whether you can make a claim for sexual abuse compensation, or if you’re not sure about your ordeal and would like to know more about the types of child abuse that happen, please visit our child abuse compensation page.

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