The worrying fact about sexual abuse is that most cases aren’t reported or prosecuted. In fact, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has released new figures to show that there has been a 23% drop in the number of rape suspects that were prosecuted in 2017-18, compared to the year before.

However, in this same time span, the number of rapes that were recorded by the police had in fact increased by 31%. This means that in the year 2017-18 there were nearly 54,000 recorded offences of rape in England and Wales.

Sexual abuse compensation can still be claimed even if there has been no conviction. However, the claim must be made within two years after the incident, or within two years after it has been reported.

According to the Children’s Commissioner, it’s estimated that for every eight victims of sexual abuse, only one will come to the attention of statutory authorities.

In relation to domestic abuse-related referrals to the CPS from the police, this figure remained steady at around 111,000. However, the number of prosecutions and convictions fell from the previous year.

If you have been a victim of sexual assault or rape, CICA UK can help you receive sexual abuse compensation by making a claim against the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

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