Why Do I Need A Sexual Abuse Solicitor?

Sexual abuse is an incredibly heinous crime; the emotional injuries sustained by abuse can remain long after the physical injuries have subsided. Consequently, it can be extremely difficult for survivors of sexual abuse to speak out and relive the trauma caused by their abuser.

At CICA UK, we understand that instructing a solicitor to help claim compensation can seem like a daunting step however, it is an essential one towards seeking justice. Survivors of sexual abuse may feel that speaking out will lead to the abuser finding out. However, 100% of all the cases we have acted in have been settled without the need for you to face your abuser and 99% of civil cases are settled prior to any court hearing. It is important to instruct a trusted solicitor to handle the legalities of your claim so that you don’t have to.

Our team of experienced solicitors have been dealing with child abuse cases since we opened the firm in 2007. Paul Fowler, the founding partner, has worked on sexual abuse cases for over 25 years. We are a team comprised of both male and female lawyers who will deal with your case in a caring and sensitive manner. We understand that having survived sexual abuse our clients may not want to readily share their experience with a total stranger. As a result, we strive to create a relationship with our clients first, creating a safe environment where you can feel comfortable sharing your report with us. Furthermore, you decide who deals with your claim, whether it be a male or female lawyer.

Here at CICA UK:

  • We can help you to obtain the compensation you deserve whilst maintaining your anonymity.
  • We act on a no win no fee basis; if your claim is unsuccessful you will not be charged a penny.
  • We make the claim through the CICA rather than the perpetrator directly.

You don’t have to go through this alone; our team of dedicated lawyers are committed to making you feel supported and assured as you embark on this journey of seeking justice. If you are someone or know someone who has been subject to sexual abuse and wish to make a claim, get in touch with our team of lawyers today on 0151 242 5111.