Anthony Stocks Convicted of Attempted Murder of a Child, Rape & Other Offences


54-year-old Anthony Stocks from Oxfordshire has been convicted of offences including rape and attempting to murder a young boy in 2022. 

Earlier this month, Stocks was found guilty of four counts of sexual assault including rape of a girl under the age of 13. Frightened and upset, Stock’s victim told her brother about the heinous sexual abuse; the boy tried to interfere and Stocks attempted to silence him by pushing him off a cliff near Ovingdean. 

The boy miraculously survived the 100ft drop but suffered severe injuries as a result. 

On the day the boy was pushed off the cliff, Anthony Stocks, who was known to the family, had taken the boy to see a football game. Stocks had asked the boy if he wanted to “go see a view” before taking him to the cliff near Brighton where he then pushed him.

After Stocks was arrested, thousands of pornographic pictures and videos on his phone were discovered, despite being “legal” according to his council. The jury also discussed Stock’s internet searches, which showed he had watched films about adults having sex with younger people.

Anthony Stocks is yet to be sentenced for attempted murder, rape and other offences of child sexual abuse. 

Make A Claim for Child Sexual Abuse 

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